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  • 18 May 2023
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The session focused on sustainability and transparency of the entire value chain. Panellists in this discussion were: Francois Strydom (Senwes), Dr Pieter Taljaard (Grain SA), Louis de Kock Jr (, Cyril Prinsloo (Independent), Theo Boshoff (Agbiz).

Dr Pieter Taljaard summarised the three sectors within the grain value chain, namely the input supplying companies, the producers and the offtakers. “We need affordable food. We need to produce surplus food. It is all about investment and return.”

Francois Strydom, CEO of Senwes, said that whatever the role you play within the value chain, it has to make business sense. “Roughly 40 main commodities are produced in South Africa. More than half of this are exported. There are huge opportunities within agriculture. The informed consumer wants to know more and more what actually happens in the entire production process. We need to look at more sophisticated value chains and need to question perceptions we grew up with.”

The necessity of a transparent process within the free-market system was highlighted by Theo Vorster. Louis de Kock from touched on the importance of digitising. “We need to digitise the entire transaction process to actually add value to the farmer. We need to think holistically.”

Taljaard mentioned how crucial timing in the grain production process can be: “Two days can be the difference between an excellent or average harvest. Grading should reflect the inherent quality of the commodity as true as possible. SA producers want to produce safe and high-quality food. The grading systems must be accurate.”

Cyril Prinsloo said that the focus should be on increasing sustainability. “We'll be increasingly locked out of some markets if we lack to do this.”

The question is how we can work closer together and communicate better to build more effective and sustainable value chains for all role players while being transparent.

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Issued by Nation in Conversation: 18 May 2023

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