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Learn more about vegetables with Nation in Conversation than just about Jack and the Beanstalk

  • 10 March 2017
  • 1902
  •  Nation in Conversation
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How many of us really still buy vegetables from the fresh produce market or from hawkers at the side of the road?

This time the camera will be visiting the Northwest province, which is known as the heritage destination of South Africa.  Nation in Conversation will specifically be visiting Hartbeespoort and the majestic Hartbeespoort Dam. The “Home Grown” segment will be looking at attractions and activities such as sail boarding, yachting and other fun activities on the dam. Did you know that the dam was built in 1925 and holds 205 million cubic metres of water, and when the dam is full, the bank is 56 km in length?

The programme will also be visiting the 2016 Agri-Northwest Young Farmer of the Year, John Griffiths.  This irrigation farmer produces nine different crops. It is mind-boggling that they deliver 10 000 cabbages and 12 000 bunches of spinach every day.  Suddenly your vegetable garden feels very small!

Landbouweekblad Editor, Chris Burgess, talks to presenter Rozanne McKenzie about the relevance of carrots and the fact that, due to increasing mechanisation practices, carrots can be produced much cheaper than in the past. Chris also tells us more about the trend towards vegetable juices in South Africa.

We visited the Fresh Produce Market in Johannesburg. Interesting statistics are that between three and four billion kilograms of vegetables are distributed annually by markets in South Africa.

The manager of the Produce Marketing Association, Lindie Stroebel, will be talking to co-presenter Mpumelelo Mkhabela. She explains the importance of you as consumer and how your buying patterns affect your wallet at the end of the day. For example, you can buy 2,5 kg of grapes at the fresh produce market at the same price you would pay for 250 grams at the supermarket. Makes you think!

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