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Nation in Conversation 2018 gets under way with a hot cuppa joe

  • 09 April 2018
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Dr Ferdie Meyer of BFAB, joins show host Rozanne McKenzie in studio to confirm that “many South Africans are moving away from instant coffee and are beginning to enjoy premium blends.” Ferdie confirms that South African consume about 35 tons of coffee a year.

Most of South Africa’s coffee production happens in the picturesque Lowveld and in-line with the show’s format, the cameras feast of the visual splendour and beauty of the area. Linda Grimbeek of the Kruger Lowveld Chamber of Business and Tourism shares some of regions top tourist attractions.

Did you know that coffee has its origins in Ethiopia and became popular in the 15th and 16th in Arabic countries, East Africa and Turkey.

The show also drops in at Sabie Valley coffee owner Tim Buckland talks about where his passion for cultivating coffee originated from and how the business is doing currently. Tim also shares his secret to producing good coffee.

Tribeca is probably one of our better known local brands, started in 2000, and the company’s Juan Marais says that they currently produce about 100 tons of delicious blends a month. We take a look at the production process which involves blending beans sourced all over the world before blending into different roasting profiles.

Show co-host, Theo Vorster plays out episode one by talking to Seniour Researchers at the Agriculture Research Council in Mbombela, Mpumalanga, Schalk Schoeman who sheds some light on what research is being done in the industry and what the future of local coffee production entails.

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