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Nation in Conversation explores the Game industry

  • 10 March 2017
  • 1913
  •  Nation in Conversation
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Morkel Erasmus, renowned wildlife and landscape photographer gets the show on the road by getting lyrical about the fact that nature photography is growing as a hobby and tourist activity due to the proliferation of cameras and camera phones. He claims that South Africa is a popular destination because of its diverse wild life and scenery available for the lens to snap at.

Morkel shares his tips on becoming an ace photographer and explains the importance of being at the right place at the right time…sometimes for days on end just to get the perfect shot.

Piet Warren, owner of Sable Park farm near Gravelotte is a household name in the game industry, and he shares his insight as to why the game industry is growing so quickly. Piet talks about the introduction of new genes to existing herds and has his own views on how to increase the length of a buck’s horns.

“We have about 9400 professional hunters a year who service the industry,” says Piet.

Did you know that there are 10 000 privately owned game farms containing 12 million head of game!

As usual, agri-fundi and Landbouweekblad Editor Chris Burgess takes up the hot seat opposite show host Rozanne McKenzie who asks him if all game farmers are millionaires. Find out why someone would pay millions and millions of Rand for particular game species. Chris also has an idea how the game industry could save endangered species like the rhino.

Senwes chairman Danie Minnaar drops by the studio to lock horns so to speak with co-anchor Theo Vorster and explains what gives game its value. An avid game farmer, Danie talks about the management of game and the cycles through which the game industry flows including the challenges facing the game farmer. “There are two primary markets in the game industry,” says Danie. “The hunting market and the genetic market.”

John Hume is the owner of the biggest rhino encampment in the world and is a huge proponent of rhino conservation. He speaks passionately about his views on saving the rhino using the example of the vicuna of South America, a wild relative of the llama, which was down to 5000 head 40 years ago, and now numbers over 400 000 due to a conservation plan which could be applied to the rhino.

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