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Nation in Conversation investigates security issues in farming areas

  • 05 September 2019
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Nation in Conversation Anchor, Theo Vorster was accompanied by Jannie Strydom (Chief Executive Officer of Agri Western Cape), Reinard Geldenhuys (Overberg Disaster Management), Pieter Albertyn (local producer), Uys van der Westhuizen (local security expert), and Gary McKay CEO Fidelity.

Pieter Albertyn kicked off with the statement that producers’ current plans are reactive in nature. “We need to be much more proactive in identifying potential risk areas. It requires a mind-shift from reactive plans”. Gary McKay is of the opinion that farmers have not been talking to each other since 1870. “Within the communities they do speak, but the communication / information does not extend beyond that of the immediate and surrounding community. “You get to see WhatsApp groups come alive when there is a farm attack. Only then does everyone want to set up action plans. Unfortunately, this is still just a lot of talk and we have not yet bloomed enough in the Overberg area to be prepared for farm security”, Pieter Albertyn said.

For Uys van der Westhuizen, security is much more than just combating crime. “farm security must be inclusive where everyone in an environment (such as social services, correctional services, municipalities, business communities, etc.). be included. Reinard Geldenhuys added that farm safety is not about the person with the biggest gun. "You need to have the information and systems in place so you know before the person is standing next to your bed, he's on his way, so you can be ready." Jannie Strydom stated that he would like to see the silos integrated in terms of the communication systems in the province so that everyone can work together on one system and one plan.

The conversation concluded with the statement that intelligence is the foundation of everything. Without information you cannot make decisions. Furthermore, farm safety begins first with the individual, then the family, then the workers and their families. Everyone is part of the package and can help with the fight. Finally, everyone will need to be synced on the same information systems in order for the systems to integrate.

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