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Nation in Conversation looks at the Beef Value Chain

  • 03 May 2018
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As always the show kicks-off with a tourism insert, and this time the viewer will discover the delights of Kimberly and its rich diamond heritage. Also discover where the largest population of lessor flamingos in Southern Africa spend their time.
Thereafter we visit the Beefmaster farm near Christiana as well as the processing plant in Kimberley. Various representatives of this reputable family business share the company’s business approach which ensures a quality product for the consumer. 
We also take a look at Beefmaster’s involvement in the community and the assistance given to black farmers.

Show host Rozanne McKenzie talks to Nation in Conversation regular, Ferdi Meyer of BFAP about the long-term effect of the recent drought on the beef industry, while co-host Theo Vorster ends off the show with an insightful chat to Dr Michael Bradfield of the Wagyu Association of South Africa. Bradfield talks about the difference between a classification system and a grading system with regards to quality and taste.

If you enjoy a good steak, you do not want to miss this episode!

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