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Nation in Conversation Looks At the Pork Industry

  • 19 April 2018
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So goes the age-old children’s nursery rhyme which we’ve all grown up with. In the third episode of the new season of Nation in Conversation we look at just exactly what you need to make sure your piggies are healthy, happy and fit to go to market to ensure a profitable business.
Show host Theo Vorster talks to CEO of the South African Pork Producers Organisation (SAPPO) Johan Kotze and the organisation’s James Jenkins who gives an insightful picture of the industry, especially the role which labour plays in the pork food value chain. SAPPO also shares its initiatives in the area of development farmers in the pork industry.
Studio anchor, Rozanne McKenzie, gets things going with a look at the tourist attractions in Parys, before visiting Afridome, the area’s premier agri-expo venue. We also visit CP Kriek of Taaibosch farms, who explains his recipe for a successful pig farming business.
And as we all know the proof is in the eating, so it’s off to the Heidelberg Eskort plant and a chat with Melindi Wyma, Group Technical Manager who takes us through process of how a healthy piggy becomes tasty bacon, sausage or ribs among other products.
BFAB’s Ferdie Meyer is back in studio to share the current and future projections of the pork industry, which for all intents and purposes is looking rather good.
Don’t miss this insightful episode of Nation In Conversation for everything your need to know about the South African Pork Industry.

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