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You Can Count Your Chickens with Nation in Conversation

  • 02 March 2017
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  •  Nation in Conversation
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As usual the camera exposes the breath-taking beauty of our land en route to Tzaneen, which is derived from the word Tsaneng which means “coming together”. It is the second biggest town in Limpopo and the epicentre of a sub-tropical paradise. Meander through lush forests, snowy-white waterfalls, lazy rivers and rolling hills while you stop at quaint countryside road stalls. 
James Stewart of Lufafa Hatchery in the area takes the viewer on a tour of the hatchery and explains the process of providing chicks for the industry. Lufafa has been around for 25 years and provides employment for members of the local community as well as training opportunities. Currently the poultry industry provides jobs for 130 000 people.
Chris Burgess, Landbouweekblad’s Editor, is no bird brain, and as usual he joins show host Rozanne McKenzie to share statistics and inside information on the industry right through the value chain from the farm gate to the table. Chris explains why European chicken eating habits (apparently the Europeans prefer only the breast meat) has led to the rest of the bird’s parts being dumped in our lap, so to speak…and how this is affecting the poultry producer’s bottom line and profitability. 
The show makes a stop at Country Bird Holdings which unveils the intricate processes that allows a chick to be born, grow and ultimately end up in your tummy. Marthinus Stander, CEO of Country Bird Holdings, says they produce an astonishing 19 million broilers (chickens for eating) per week. He says many people don’t realise that the poultry industry is in-fact the biggest agri-industry in the country.
The South African Poultry Association CEO, Kevin Lowell joins show co-host Theo Vorster in the hot seat to put the industry in stark perspective vis a vie imports, tariffs, impact on job creation and all the challenges facing the industry. Kevin is adamant that the local industry is being negatively affected by the first world attitude of dumping their unwanted chicken bits in our backyard.
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