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Episode 10 of Nation in Conversation takes a look at the Avocado Industry

  • 07 June 2018
  • 1491
  •  nation-in-conversation

Before the team unlocks the secrets of the Avo industry, the show takes us on a journey of the tourist delights to be found in Limpopo, known for its majestic bushveld, wildlife and natural rain forests in the Magoebaskloof region.

Show co-anchor Theo Vorster hits the road to visit ZZ2 CEO Tommie van Zyl on his farm in Moeketsie where he sheds light on the intricacies of farming with Avos and its impact on the community. Tommie also talks about the two varieties of Avos and how to tell when they’re ripe.

Back in the studio, Lindie Stroebel, of the PMA (Produce Marketing Association) joins the team once again to give an economic perspective on the Avo industry locally and internationally. Producers will be pleased to know that new international markets are beckoning for Avos.

Don’t miss this revealing episode of one of the healthiest fruits available.

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