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Nation in Conversation looks at Training and training institutions in Agriculture

  • 13 September 2018
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Show host, Theo Vorster facilitated a panel which included: Johann Kirsten, Director: Bureau for Economic Research; Magda du Toit of Bayer’s Corporate Communication Department; Sylvester Lubambo of Harvest Time Investments; Alfreda Mars of Middelpos Farm and Barend Sulvester of Cape Agri Academy. 

It became apparent very quickly into the discussion that government did not have the capacity or budgets make any considerable contribution to training or training facilities in agriculture. 

The panellists shared their experiences and the institutions which their respective companies have established to aid training. Beyer, Cape Agri and Harvest Time have developed agriculture programmes to provide agri-students with assistance to up-skill themselves.

“We expose students to theory and practical experiences of agriculture and place a lot of emphasis on positioning farming as a business. So they learn about all the facets of agriculture, from financial planning, admin, health and safety, auditing etc,” said Sylvester.

Magda said that the private sector has become involved in training in agriculture so that it can assist the sustainability of the industries in which it was operational.

Johan Kirsten made the point that the private sector’s initiatives were also motivated by Corporate Social Investment obligations.

To find out more detail and information on the various training programmes and institutions available in the country tune into the full programme by visiting the Nation in Conversation website at

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