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Nation in Conversation signs-off with a youth focus on last day of first Nampo Cape

  • 14 September 2018
  • 1802

Show anchor Theo Vorster hosted a vibrant discussion with a panel which included: André Latsky, Principal of Oakdale Agriculture School; Dr Dirk Strydom; Head of Grain Economics and Marketing at Grain SA; Rian Joubert; Financial Director of JDI; John Hudson; Head of Nedbank Agriservices and Jackie van der Poll of Leeuwendrift Farm.

Theo started the discussion by paying tribute to Nampo Cape and its success making the point that “Nation in Conversation is here to stay (at Nampo Cape). Despite the cold and windy weather, the “gees” at the show has been phenomenal with organisers saying that the attendance figures have far exceeded their target of 10 000 people.

Back to the subject at hand, Jackie shared her story involving her son who had just passed matric. “He was always very passionate about farming and then all of a sudden he lost interest. I think it was due to the fact that agriculture is not marketed well to the youth as an industry with job opportunities.”

André somewhat countered Jackie’s point of view by saying that: “Over the last 5-6 years’ entrants for grade 8 has doubled at their school and there is an immense passion for agriculture from their learners.” He added that learners came from all over the country including Namibia.

Dirk made the point that agriculture still had an image of being dirty work on a farm, when the truth is that “agriculture has become very hi-tech and technology and business driven. Agriculture has a long and exciting value chain with many job opportunities, not just on the land.”

Rian reminded the discussion that the reason why they were focussing on the youth in agriculture is because one of the country’s biggest challenges was unemployment. “We need to make the youth aware of the job opportunities all along the food value chain.

John concurred with Rian adding that: “There is an awareness of agriculture in the platteland, however in our cities 90% of our city folk have a false perception of farming.”

Jackie also mentioned that she ran a small tourism business on her farm and “it is incredible to realise that some people who come on the farm tour have never been near a live sheep in their lives, for example.”

 To tune into this interesting and enlightening conversation, please visit the Nation in Conversation website at and watch the entire show.

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