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The world of onions in episode 3 of Nation in Conversation

  • 22 April 2019
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  •  Nation in Conversation
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In the tourism segment of the show, we discover the rich diamond mining history of Barkley West in the 1870’s. Today, the town has a growing ecotourism industry which also offers opportunities for farming. Bernice Versluis from Olyfhuis guesthouse shows us the tourist attractions which contributes to the town’s economic growth. 

One of South Africa’s biggest onion producers, Louis de Kock of Wildeklawer Boerdery takes us through the production of onions and how his business adds value to the lives of its employees and the greater community. 

Louis takes us through the processes of his packaging house where onions are sorted and packed according to the client’s requirements and end user’s convenience. Wildeklawer also produces beetroot, maize & wheat, carrots and potatoes. 

Did you know? The onion has a two-year life cycle where in the first year, it germinates and grows from a seedling through to bulb formation while in the second year, provided it is left in the ground, the bulb generates more foliage, then flowers and seeds, and the cycle starts again. 

Rozanne and Lindie Stroebel of the Produce Marketing Association (PMA) unpack the different types of onion, the popular types in South Africa and the many ways in which the types of onion can be used. The brown onion is the most common one and is the type mostly produced locally. 

The growth potential and sustainability of continuing to export onions to Europe is explored by Theo and Hendrik Eksteen CEO of Grow Fresh Produce Agents. South Africa is fortunate enough to currently have good onion production, despite the drought challenges which have occurred in the past. Theo and Hendrik also touch on the export market between our country and the African market. In addition, the question of demand and supply in the onion industry is answered in comparison to the quality and shelf-life of an onion. 

In the next episode, Nation in Conversation takes a look at the livestock industry. Gideon Oosthuizen of De Beerskraal Boerdery takes us through cattle farming in the town of Potchefstroom, North West. To catch the program's repeat, check in at kykNET, Fridays at 13:00, Saturdays at 17:30, Sundays at 17:00, Tuesdays at 16:30 and Wednesdays at 14:00. 

Don't miss the next 10 weeks of the 13-week series where we tackle onions, livestock, nurseries, forestry, beetroot, Nampo Harvest Day, wheat, cotton, pecan nuts and citrus. It is broadcast weekly, every Thursday evening at 18:00 on kykNET, from now until 27 June 2019. For more information or the complete schedule of this new series please visit the website

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